biota package


biota.calibration module

biota.change2 module module[source]

Reduces input years to those available for the ALOS mosaic (or may be available in future)., remove=False)[source]

Unzips .tar.gz ALOS mosaic files downloaded from JAXA, and removes original where requested., output_dir='/home/docs/checkouts/')[source]

Download data from JAXA FTP server, lon, year, large_tile=False)[source]

Generates a URL to fetch ALOS mosaic data from JAXA FTP server., lon, year, large_tile=False, output_dir='/home/docs/checkouts/', remove=False)[source]

Run through data download and preparation chain[source]

Deletes ALOS-1/ALOS-2 .tar.gx files from disk. Input is a compress ALOS-1/ALOS-2 file from JAXA.

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